Welcome to DAX’s documentation!

DAX is Distributed Automation for XNAT

DAX allows you to:

  • store analyzed imaging data on XNAT (datatypes)

  • extract information from XNAT via scripts (Xnat_tools)

  • run pipelines on your data in XNAT via a cluster (processors)

Quick Install

Create a python3 virtual environment with dax and all dependencies.

python3 -m venv daxvenv
source daxvenv/bin/activate
pip install dax

Configure an environment variable named XNAT_HOST set to the full url of your xnat server. This can be incuded in your .bashrc/.bash_profile file.

export XNAT_HOST=https://central.xnat.org

Configure your credentials in a file named “.netrc” in your home directory.

machine <SERVER>
login <USER>
password <PASSWORD>

Here SERVER is the server name only. For example, central.xnat.org, not https://xnat.website.com/xnat.

Versions and Installation

Our currently running versions of dax are:

  • Dax 2 - 2.2.1 - As of July 8, 2021

    • Used for most purposes

  • LDAX latest - 0.7.10 - As of October 7, 2020

    • Legacy Dax - Please use DAX 2

These can be verified with

dax version
# or
pip freeze | grep dax
# or
python3 -m pip freeze | grep dax

To install please reference our Install Page